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Emigrate to Spain

Are you one of the 2 million Brits thinking of emigrating to Spain to start a new life in the Sun? Almost a million foreigners gained authoritsation to reside in Spain during 2011, taking the official number of "legal" immigrants to 3,979,074 according to Spanish government figures. Spain is the second favourite destination for the British to emigrate to and there are believed to be more than 1 million British expats now residing in Spain. Why do so many British people choose a life in Spain? There are many reasons why Spain is such a popular choice, including: - The climate of mild winters and lovely hot summers, Spain is one of the healthiest climates in Europe - The lower cost of living- The lower crime rate and excellent national health system- The more laid back outdoor lifestyle Find out more and bring yourself upto speed about living in Spain by claiming our FREE 12 part (50 page) Living in Spain GuideIs moving to Spain hard for UK residents?It is always more complicated to move to another country than if you where moving within your own country and Spanish officials have become increasingly worried about the failure of many British citizens to properly register and settle in the country.Most people only return to the UK because they failed to plan and research their move properly; yet it is fairly straight forward if you know the process and right steps because as an EU citizen you have the same rights as the Spanish when you live in Spain. A solution is our Emigrate to Spain Ebook; to give you everything you need to manage your move to Spain more cheaply, easily and smoothly, including; - How to complete all the necessary paper work required yourself, a saving of €100 per application per person - How to find a job (including what help is available) or start a business - How to transfer your health care and social security benefits - How to enrol your children into a Spanish school - An integrated removal plan, to make your move as smooth as possiblePlus much more; saving you money, time and anxiety; giving you greater peace of mind when you move to Spain. "The most comprehensive publication I have seen" Eric in Christchurch, Dorset. See reviews "The essential tool if you are moving to Spain" Ken, NottinghamManage your move to Spain with our Ebook and get 2 FREE Bonus Items 1. How to complete the necessary immigration and admin for free, saving €100 per application per person, so that's a minimum saving of €75 after regaining the price of the book.2. Spanish property budget calculator. 

Emigrate from the UK to Spain

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